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Besides the classes of the formal curriculums, the school also offers the opportunity for our children to tap their potential through a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as optional classes and clubs. We also offer some special courses and lectures to our students to widen their views.
Optional Classes
In our school, we offer electives to the all the students. All the electives are separated to Junior High School and Senior High School based on the age and interest differences. Each students are encouraged to choose 1-2 option classes to learn every term. We offer optional classes such as Chinese Tea Culture, Travel with Ancient Poems, Flash Animation Design, Sports Health and Care, English Drama, Modern Dance, Geography Exploring, Western Fictions, CAXA, Chinese Calligraphy, Mathematics in Life and so on.
Besides optional classes, in our school, we also provide several clubs for students to join. We have such as Robot DIY, Volleyball, Badminton, Martial Art, Photography, G-star Basketball Club, Comic Station, Chinese Painting Club, Visual Art and so on. Some of those clubs are arranged and organized by students themselves but all the clubs are under teachers' guidance.
Special Courses and Lectures
We offer a Spanish Language Class which is organized by Mexican teachers from Tecnologico De Monterrey to our students. Besides, we also arrange the Mayan Culture lectures to students to introduce them ancient culture of the America Continent. We invite a lot of guests from different areas to give lectures to our students.
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