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Students of International Division

The curriculum of International Division is a school-based developed curriculum with an international dimension based on American and European style. All the courses are provided in English.

Semester 4

Course Offered

Course Load

Course Description


5 hours per week

In this course, they are learning Mandarin and taking the chances to be familiar with Chinese Culture by on-going talk.


5 hours per week

This course covers connections between right triangle trigonometry and circular functions. Graphing utilities are used to enhance learning and scientific calculators are used in finding the values of trigonometric functions and their inverses.

Social Science

3 hours per week

Social Science is a course in which students’previous background consists of general knowledge of the world’s history and general ideas of a society.
Students will be able to know and understand the basic theories and concepts of politics, economy and society. They will fundamentally study
the main economic theories, the relationships that are established among different countries, the main economic systems, and the main economic theories and models in micro and macroeconomic perspectives.

Classic Literature

3 hours per week

Classic Literature is focusing on the literature from Classics, Middle Age , the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Students are motivated to learn how the human civilization began and how many different forces impacted the trend of world literature.


5 hours per week

This is an intermediate science course which has as a requirement the knowledge of the electronic configuration, chemical bonds, and chemical reactions. The student also requires to have developed abilities in process thinking and a basic use of scientific methodology.

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